We act today with the future in mind 

Creative construction and sustainable solutions are fundamental when it comes to building future proofed infrastructure. To ensure a sustainable tomorrow for our employees, customers and the environment, we need to do our best today.

Built Environs is a progressive company and we believe in empowering our employees to drive improvement in all areas of our business. We have shaped our systems in the areas of safety, environment and sustainability to make sure our accumulated knowledge is built on and transferred at all levels.

Built Environs has a dynamic approach to accountability. Creating partnerships and maintaining an open dialogue with our customer is paramount. We take a proactive approach in meeting and exceeding benchmarks and expectations set by the construction industry.

Our Sustainability Policy

Built Environs undertakes its activities integrating social, environmental, economic and good corporate governance considerations. We do this with the objective of avoiding and mitigating harm to the environment, contributing to and enhancing the resilience of the communities in which we operate, and creating shared value for our customers and our people.

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Our Sustainability Framework

Infrastructure Sustainability can be defined as; infrastructure that is designed, constructed and operated to optimise environmental, social and economic outcomes in the long term.

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