West Franklin Rescue Drill

September 2017

On Monday 11 September 2017, SA Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) conducted a rescue drill from Tower Crane # 2 located on the Southern side of the Built Environs West Franklin Residential Development Site.

Sixteen operational personnel were involved in the exercise where three (3) appliances attended along with a mobile incident command response vehicle.

The drill scenario related to our crane operator having suffered a medical episode in the tower crane and unable to descend tower crane at a height of 50m.

The exercise was completed without incident and the volunteer ‘patient’ role was undertaken by a new fire graduate – first day on the job.  What an exciting first day.

The aim of this exercise was to provide a realistic training environment and evaluate emergency response & coordination of MFS resources in accordance with the exercise scenario, whilst also giving the Built Environs team an up close and personal view of exactly what would happen in a real-life emergency.

Built Environs staff appreciated the opportunity of having MFS on site to showcase their capability, equipment and resources and for the chance to test the project sites emergency response plans.