University of Adelaide Bonython Hall Upgrade, SA

Duration: August 2005 to November 2005

Value: $1.7 million

Contract type: AS 4000 Managing Contractor

Summary: Built Environs was initially commissioned to provide the University of Adelaide’s 1930s-era state and national heritage-registered Bonython Hall with air conditioning.

However, during a structural inspection in the design stage, the northern turrets were discovered to require repair and strengthening.

The scope of the works was therefore expanded to include a reconstitutioning of the towers.

A plant room was constructed in the northern lower level of the building behind the main hall. Air was then fed via new ductwork positioned on each side of the hall, directly under the timber floor. As a result, the floorboards in this area were removed and replaced with air grille covers made from red gum.

Work on the towers was considerably more complex. The turrets were strengthened and reconstructed, and with full-height scaffolding required to access the turrets the opportunity was taken to repair and clean the full northern façade.

All of this detailed, difficult and potentially dangerous work was undertaken in an active public space on a major university campus, with heritage sensitivities adding to the complexity of the work.

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