University of Adelaide Mitchell Building Upgrade, SA

Duration: October 2005 to January 2006

Value: $1 million

Contract type: Negotiated

Summary: Built Environs upgraded the main public and administrative areas of the University of Adelaide’s oldest building, the Mitchell Building, which dates back to the 1880s.

In the main public areas of the Mitchell Building, the stone arches were restabilised, new carpets installed and stair balustrades repainted and gold-leafed.

Automatic frameless glass sliding doors were installed in the entry lobby for additional security.

The University’s Vice Chancellor’s office was upgraded and included private amenities, and the main boardroom received new audiovisual facilities, carpets, furniture, joinery and lighting.

Quality fittings and tiling were also provided for the ground floor amenities area.

All of the works were successfully completed in a highly public area of the University while maintaining security in one of its most commercially-sensitive areas.

This project demonstrates Built Environs’s ability to carry out highly detailed works within an operational university environment while respecting heritage restrictions.

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