Adelaide Botanical Gardens Amazon Waterlily Pavilion, SA

Duration: June 2006 to August 2007

Value: $3.9 million

Contract type: AS2124 with special conditions

Summary: Built Environs delivered a state-of-the-art architecturally-designed glasshouse and surrounds for the display and care of the Giant Amazon Waterlily (Victoria Amazonica) for the Adelaide Botanic Gardens in South Australia.

The Amazon Waterlily Pavilion project provides a modern, permanent home for this major attraction, which was first introduced into the Gardens in 1868.

Built Environs demolished the existing building, restored the original heritage-listed lily pond and constructed the complex glass and steel pavilion. The project also included the installation of high-specification services and finishes, the construction of an integrated paveway and water run-off system, as well as reinstating the surrounding grounds.

With around 95 per cent of the structure, including load-bearing areas, constructed from 6.5 tonne of glass, 3D computer modelling was required to ensure accurate sizing and positioning, and to assist with manufacturing, delivery and construction logistics.

The whole project was completed within the extremely sensitive botanic gardens environment, with prevention of run-off and damage to vegetation adding to the usual safety concerns of working within a busy public area.

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