Hindmarsh Island Bridge, SA

Duration: October 1999 to March 2001

Value: $14.2 million

Contract type: Design and Construct

Summary: Built Environs completed the Hindmarsh Island Bridge between Goolwa and Hindmarsh Island in South Australia.

The 319-metre bridge has a curved concrete deck and steel girder superstructure, supported by a substructure of nine concrete piers and two concrete abutments.

Around 2900 cubic metres of concrete, 500 tonnes of reinforcement and 640 tonnes of steel girders were used in construction.

The bridge was built using the incremental launch method, improving safety and saving time.

First, beams were launched from the island abutment and fixed to piers in the middle of the river. Work then began on the deck on the island side. Next, beams were launched from the land abutment to meet the mid-river beams and welded to form one continuous element.

Five weeks of project time were saved by launching beams and concreting decks at the same time.

Continuous consultations were held with local Aboriginal communities, with monitors present during excavations.

In 2001 the project received state and national awards from the Institute of Engineers Australia and the Master Builders Association.

The Built Environs engineering capability that delivered this project is now provided by the South Australian engineering office of parent company McConnell Dowell, offering clients access to both the expertise of the former Built Environs engineering teams and the international experience of McConnell Dowell.

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