Centro Arndale Upgrade, SA

Duration: April 2012 to May 2013

Value: $20 million

Contract type: Design and Construct Guaranteed Maximum Price

Summary: Built Environs upgraded the operational Centro Arndale shopping centre in Adelaide’s western suburbs, extending the ground and mezzanine floors and installing travelators, an elevator, a Big W garden shop and terrazzo flooring and plasterboard ceilings.

The project also included work to upgrade the external appearance of the centre.

Built Environs worked closely with the client and consulting architects and engineers to value manage design before building could start.

As part of the upgrade, Built Environs extended the ground and mezzanine floors throughout the centre, installed travelators and an elevator to provide greater accessibility for patrons, and added a garden shop to the existing Big W store.

Terrazzo flooring and plasterboard ceilings were fitted to further upgrade the centre’s interior, while the centre’s overall external appearance was improved as part of the construction effort.

Drawing on national experience in upgrading retail environments, Built Environs ensured minimal disruption to the ongoing operations of the centre and provided a safe working and shopping environment.

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