CMI Toyota West Terrace Showroom, SA

Duration: November 2008 to November 2009

Value: $24 million

Contract type: AS 4000-1997

Summary: Built Environs constructed this four-storey special purpose car showroom with a carwash, offices and service centre for Commercial Motor Industries on West Terrace in the Adelaide CBD.

On the second level of the building, the carwash is one of the first in the world to be built on a suspended floor, providing waterproofing and detailing challenges for the Built Environs construction team.

Water for the carwash is drawn from six 136,000-litre underground concrete tanks (with a total capacity of more than 800,000 litres), which store water from the roof.

The project also delivered high-detail car display areas, car parking and storage on the second and third levels, as well as a service centre and office space. Two lifts were also installed in the showroom.

Full height structural glazing was installed on the West Terrace frontage. Measuring 7 m high x 2 m wide x 25 mm thick, these glass panels are restrained by billets suspended from the second floor to present a solid glass appearance.  This is thought to be the first application of this sized glass in Adelaide, and was a logistical and construction challenge for the project team.

The client engaged their own contractors to install some of the vehicle servicing equipment, with Built Environs integrating and managing these activities within the construction programme.

The construction methodology also had to take into account overhead powerlines on two sides of the site, a building plan that extended to the boundaries of the site, and heavy city traffic on three of the boundaries.

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