Elizabeth City Centre Redevelopment, SA

Duration: July 2003 to October 2005

Value: $83 million

Contract type: Construction Management

Summary: Built Environs refurbished 70,000 m2 of an existing shopping centre and constructed 16,000 m2 of new retail and non-retail facilities in the outer Adelaide suburb of Elizabeth.

The multi-staged, on-time handover of four major and multiple specialist tenancies established the centre as the premier retail, entertainment and leisure destination north of Adelaide.

The first stage included:

  • Refurbishing the Harris Scarfe store.
  • Expanding and refurbishing the Big W store.
  • Constructing new concept Coles and Woolworths supermarkets.
  • Fitting out various tenancies.
  • Constructing mall areas.
  • Refurbishing existing mall areas.
  • Reconfiguring and realigning car parking areas.

Stage two comprised:

  • A new 600-seat food court
  • Refurbishing malls and entries.
  • Further reconfiguring and realigning car parking areas.
  • Constructing speciality and entertainment areas, restaurants and an eight-screen cinema complex.

Constant planning, liaison and strict discipline was required to carry out the works safely while thousands of people walked around the various construction sites. Extended shopping hours required this discipline to be maintained during nightshift and weekend work. As part of the solution, most of the operating mall was refurbished out of hours. Tenants would leave at night to find their areas refurbished and cleaned ready for work the next morning.

Dust screens, fume extractors, engine filters and gas-powered plant further minimised the disruption to the commercial operation of the centre.

One component of the project required the erection of a large circus-style marquee over the main building to keep out the rain while 42 prefabricated steel-framed skylights were installed through ‘cut-throughs’ in the roof.

In another area, precise demolition of part of a building was undertaken while upstairs offices continued to function.

The vast construction area required a number of projects to run at the same time – all with their own milestone completion dates.

The project presented many challenge, including a shortage of trades, an inflated trades market, delayed access to construction zones and extended shopping hours. Built Environs managed these through meticulous planning, close stakeholder liaison and tight management to meet all deadlines for this complex project.

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