Gold Coast Light Rail, Qld

Duration: December 2011 to June 2014

Value: $440 million

Contract type: Public-private partnership

Summary: Built Environs constructed the building components of the Gold Coast Light Rail, a 13 km railway between Queensland’s Griffith University, Southport and Broadbeach.

In joint venture with McConnell Dowell as part of the GoldlinQ consortium, a public-private partnership (PPP) with the Queensland Government, Built Environs built all 16 light rail stations, including an underground station at the new Gold Coast University Hospital, as well as a depot for the electric trams.

Due to the proximity of the works to urbanised areas and the hospital development, the $440 million construction project demanded extensive planning and stakeholder engagement to ensure minimal disruption for residents and a successful outcome for the Gold Coast community.

The construction process for the light rail involved the relocation of underground services such as gas, water and telecommunications where they conflicted with the new light rail infrastructure. Roads were then levelled and widened as required, stations were built, a concrete pad was laid alongside the tracks and the overhead wires were installed.

The light rail system will contribute to a fully integrated public transport system for the Gold Coast in preparation for the 2018 Commonwealth Games. The light rail will deliver further community benefits by:

  • Reducing local greenhouse gas emissions by 114,000 tonnes over the first 10 years of operation.
  • Reducing the number of private vehicle trips by up to 10%.
  • Generating about 6,300 direct and indirect jobs.

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