Built Environs is committed to making a positive and meaningful difference to the health and wellbeing of the community through financial contributions, donations-in-kind or volunteering the time and expertise of our staff.

Feeding Adelaide’s hungry
In partnership with our parent company McConnell Dowell, Built Environs supported the Salvation Army soup van for many years, providing much needed food for Adelaide’s homeless and hungry.

This service has now transitioned into the Duo’s (Do unto others) programme whereby every Saturday evening at the Salvation Army’s Pirie Street Centre, up to 250 meals will be served to those in need. The centre will remain open for 12 hours to provide further community care and support for Adelaide’s marginalised community.

Accommodating Adelaide’s youth
Built Environs provided financial support and engaged the support-in-kind of various subcontractors to construct Muggy’s Youth Accommodation Facility in Adelaide’s southern suburbs, providing an alternative to foster care for Adelaide youth.

The facility was constructed as part of the Salvation Army’s residential care and outreach programme specifically designed to cater for young people unable to source traditional alternative care options, such as foster care or group living arrangements.

Fundraising for community groups
Built Environs project teams support a number of community-based initiatives, including:

  • Collecting refundable drinking containers for recycling and donation to causes such as the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Adelaide.
  • Donating plants for the revegetation of the Adelaide Desalination Project Transfer Pipeline corridor.
  • Head shaving to raise funds for cancer research.
  • Staging onsite raffles and barbecues to raise funds for the Whyalla Hospital Ladies Auxiliary.