From our five-star Green Star Office Interiors rated Hutt Street Head Office to our recent award for recycling 100 per cent of waste on a $90 million project, Built Environs aims to be an industry leader in environmental management.

We are committed to ensuring a sustainable future for our business, our clients and the broader community by promoting and applying ecological sustainable design and construction methodologies.

We minimise the environmental impact of our construction activities through the efficient use of resources, responsible waste management, identifying and managing potential risks, and developing a workplace culture that strives to minimise environmental harm.

We work with our clients, their stakeholders and the relevant authorities to assess, mitigate and document the environmental risks of every project.

We prepare an Environmental Management Plan to document all identified potential risks and mitigation controls across each phase of a project. The plan contains various aspects relating to local environmentally or heritage-sensitive issues, waste management (pollution control and avoidance), ecological aspects, environmental training and competency, monitoring, evaluation and reporting, the environmental management framework for Environmental Protection Instructions (EPIs), Job Safety Environment Analyses (JSEAs) and Safe Work Instructions (SWIs).

Once work begins, we induct staff and subcontractors into the risks, control measures and reporting requirements that are specific to the site and we manage the environmental outcomes.

Built Environs also engages with clients, the Environmental Protection Agency, KESAB, Zero Waste SA and other project stakeholders in the KESAB Clean Site environmental partnership programme designed to execute best environmental practices in a construction environment through stormwater pollution prevention, recycling and resource recovery, and reduced litter escape.

Our environmental management system is accredited by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance to the international standard ISO 14001.