Developing resources to impact local social fabric, and use suppliers to increase the proportion of theworkforce that live locally.

Built Environs is passionate about creating positive impact in thecommunities in which we operate, and has significant experience of what it takes to make that happen. We have established partnerships in this area, having signed an agreement with Auckland Council Healthy Waters and Kiwi Can Do for the – Ngā Puna Pūkenga - Skills for Industry partnership, and with Ākina to help deliver on socialprocurement commitments.

Social procurement initiatives can be applied to our project to support thriving and sustainable communities in which we are working. .As project partners, Innovation Unit Australia New Zealand (IUANZ)will work with us and key stakeholders to build a cohesive framework with a clear line of sight to the impact we want to create with andfor the local community, both during the life of the project and beyond.

Recognising the wealth and variety of opportunities forpositive impact afforded by this project, this will lay the foundationfor effective identification, implementation and management ofopportunities in collaboration with local partners and community.


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