The first major milestone was reached on the Puhinui Station Upgrade recently with the successful deconstruction of the central station ramp during a rail closure recently. The joint venture between McConnell Dowell and Built Environs has developed an early works strategy for the Puhinui Train Station Upgrade project with safety at the core of the construction. This is imperative as a large portion of work needs to be carried out over the live tracks and around the electrified lines in the rail corridor.

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All together 350 tonnes of concrete were also removed during the controlled demolition stage which was finished in mid-October 2019.

The first requirement for this stage of the work was to support the three footbridge ramps that lead to the overbridge and train station. Scaffolding was erected to support these segments before each were cut using a wire saw and carefully removed over the tracks during a ‘Rail Block of Lines’ or track closure.

The project team continue to remove all the existing platform assets to clear the way for the next stage of the construction and have begun piling the station’s foundations.

A 50-tonne drilling rig is installing 32 bored piles, some over 30m deep, to form the foundation for 23 pile caps to support the station structure.

The next milestone for the team is the installation of a protection shield over the track. The shield is an innovative new methodology to maintain safe access and egress for staff in and out of the rail corridor, allowing allow work to continue safely without delay or disruption to rail operations.

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