Adelaide Zoo South East Asian Rainforest Stage 2, SA

Duration: May 2005 to March 2006

Value: $3.3 million

Contract type: Construction Management

Summary: Built Environs developed award-winning themed tiger and orangutan viewing and husbandry areas for the Adelaide Zoo.

In addition to the two tiger exhibits and an orangutan exhibit, the South East Asian Rainforest project included a holding building, a food preparation and husbandry area, and a Sumatran longhouse with an underwater viewing area for the tiger pool.

Safety concerns for both the animals and the public led to close attention being paid to the placement, strength and texture of the structural and finishing materials.

The 9 m-high Sumatran longhouse was constructed from steel and clad in bamboo and ironbark timber. To alleviate safety and other site concerns, the 9.6 tonne roof was constructed on the ground and then lifted into place.

As the project was undertaken within a high-profile operating environment, access to the construction site was restricted to a single narrow laneway, which posed distinct logistical issues.

The project received both a national and state Australian Institute of Building Award for Professional Excellence, and a Master Builders Association state Commendation in 2006.

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