University of Adelaide Obstetrics and Gynaecology Fit-Out, SA

Duration: January 2006 to August 2006

Value: $2.5 million

Contract type: Lump Sum

Summary: Built Environs created a world-class sterile laboratory for delicate procedures involving embryos, in vitro fertilisation and other research into reproductive health for the University of Adelaide’s Medical School.

Working on two levels of Medical School North and one level of the linked Medical School South, Built Environs managed demolition, refurbishment, decanting staff and precise work within office and laboratory areas that continued to operate throughout construction.

The new laboratory involved the minor demolition of existing spaces and specialised construction of unusually high quality. As laboratory facilities needed to be free of contamination, the room was built free of gaps, all lights were sealed and no access panels were provided.

Construction was further complicated by the need to keep a central access for other laboratories still operating on the same level.

The role of Built Environs also involved coordinating the specialist removal and relocation of highly sensitive and valuable human research tissues from The Queen Elizabeth Hospital research laboratories.

Built Environs worked closely with Medical School staff to plan the logistics of relocating staff, ensuring their safety and minimising their exposure to the dust and noise of construction.  

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